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To Earn Your Light: Chapter 4/?

Rapunzel AU featuring Cosette and Marius! Chapter 3 is now live!

After the Thenardier’s kidnap the Princess Euphrasie, they lock her in a tower where her hair (that posses the power to make them young) grows & grows. They never let her out, not for eighteen years, and call her Cosette (sometimes). Cosette is getting restless though, and the ground beneath her doesn’t seem as dangerous as she once thought it to be. Cosette & Marius. Rapunzel AU.

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Graphic made by Samantha the Great (Poninefauchelevent)

En Pointe


Rating: T

Pairing: Eposette, E/R, mentioned Courf/Marius

Summary: Eponine takes her little brother to a performance of The Nutcracker. She wasn’t expecting the Sugar Plum Fairy to be quite so gorgeous.


There are very few things in this world that Eponine is grateful for. 

Grantaire’s job running sound for the local theater is one of them. Not only does this mean that he has enough money to buy his own beer, instead of stealing hers, but it also means that he can get her in to see dress rehearsals. Eponine has never been a huge appreciator of the arts, but Valjean puts on good shows, and if nothing else it’s something to do on a Wednesday night.

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My thoughts on Amanda Seyfried’s Cosette


First of all before you light heartedly click the “read more” button know this: I do not want to offend her or you but I am known to get hot headed and very passionate when I get on one topic like this. Thank you.

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I´m a “Cosette”, too. I don´t like singing and direction of the movie. I think Amanda looked young, but then I have always been bad for guessing someone´s age.

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